Dieting and exercise may not be the most popular method to losing weight, but it is the only way that works over the long haul. Losing weight comes by burning more calories each day than you take in. The only way to achieve a calorie deficit is to either eat less calories or increase your metabolism.

The best way to lose weight is to gradually decrease the calories that it takes to maintain your weight and decrease that calorie consumption by 20 to 30%. Too many people who are dieting do so by skipping meals. This is the worst way to lose weight. Skipping meals will only reduce your metabolism and cause you to binge later. That’s why most people tend to fail on diets.

However, by simply planning your meals each day and staying on a reduced calorie diet plan, you can lose as much weight as you want. Here are the 10 tips that are essential to losing weight and burning body fat. Follow these 10 tips and watch the weight fall off.

Here Are 10 Easy Steps to Lose Weight

#1       Portion Control

When dieting, portion control is very important. Keep your portion size limited to 1 serving. Most food labels will tell you how much a serving size is. If you eat enough to feel slightly hungry after finishing your meal, then you ate just enough to lose weight and reduce body fat in due time. Because of the time lag for the stomach to signal your brain that you have enough food, you’ll get that satisfying feeling of being full, 20 minutes later.

#2       Plan Your Meals

So if you want to lose weight and keep it off, write down your meal plan today and eat 5 to 6 meals per day. Try to reduce sugar and white flour products to burn more fat and have 1 cheat day where you eat foods that are not on your diet plan.  Every day you need to sit down and analyze how you did and prepare to make changes that day, so you increase the chances of success.

#3      Drink Plenty of Water

Strive for 12 to 16 cups of water per day. 12 cups per day for women and 16 for men. It’s easier if you drink 1 to 1 ½ cup of water for every waking hour. It may sound difficult but is very easy once you establish the habit. Staying hydrated helps relieve hunger attacks and rids your body of waste material, making you a more efficient fat burning machine. If you have a problem eating late at night, try drinking herbal tea instead of snacking. You will find that drinking non-calorie fluids can almost take the place of eating.

#4       Curb Your Impulses

Don’t bring forbidden foods like sweets, snacks, and fried food into your home.  Keep these foods out of sight. Remind yourself of your weight loss goal in the form of prominently displayed health articles, encouraging quotes and pictures. Keep a mental image of your ideal weight and what that will look like on you. That positive imagery will help you curb impulses to eat the wrong foods.

#5       Stop Frequent Weigh Ins

Don’t constantly weigh yourself to see how many pounds you lost. Instead, concentrate on daily habits that will create weight loss such as reducing bread, pasta and white flour products from your diet or eating more lean meats instead of fatty red meats. Since weight fluctuates throughout the day and the week, consider weighing monthly.

This will give you a more accurate snapshot of your success and allow time for you to establish eating habits that will make you lose weight without getting discouraged because of the scale showing no weight loss. Discouragement comes easily when you weigh in every week and you don’t see any results.

#6       Start a Weekend Exercise Program

Start a weekend exercise program of walking a half hour on Saturday and Sundays.  These are gradual and easy lifestyle changes that will help you lose weight and keep it off. Don’t worry about the scale. Focus on a healthy process, and then weigh yourself once a month to see the results. Be ready to change your plan any time you see something is not working for you. This is the ultimate in customizing a weight loss plan, because who knows you, any better than yourself.

#7 Stay Focused

 Set realistic goals and expectations. Remind yourself that losing weight is a long-term endeavor. Fast weight loss through gimmicky diets will only result in gaining the weight back you lost plus a little more. Positive imagery of the body you want. Focus on the weight loss process through diet and exercise and not the scale.

#8 Get Support

 Sign up at a gym, join a local support group, or simply tell a friend your weight loss goals. There are many online support groups as well as face-to-face support groups you can also join.

#9 Be Patient

This is where most people blow it by wanting instant results. Treat yourself with kindness. Don’t feel guilty for occasional slip ups. Weight loss that lasts are from permanent lifestyle changes, so don’t sweat occasional slip ups. Give yourself 6 months to a year to lose 50 pounds or more. Weight Loss should happen month after month until you get to your goal. Fast weight loss is usually temporary.

#10 Make it Fun

Work out while listening to your favorite music video or talk radio. Have a cheat day every week where you can eat foods not on your diet plan. Do daily walks with neighbors or friends. Get a bike to ride outdoors and explore your neighborhood. Put your bike in the car and drive to a fun place to ride.

Work out while listening to your favorite music video or talk radio. Have a cheat day every week where you can eat foods not on your diet plan. Do daily walks with neighbors or friends. Get a bike to ride outdoors and explore your neighborhood. Put your bike in the car and drive to a fun place to ride. Don’t make losing weight a painful endeavor. If you do, you will never stay with the program long enough to lose any weight. The Weight loss journey starts in your mind and the journey is as much mental and emotional as it is physical. So, make the journey fun. Discouragement will happen, but it’s how you handle the ups and downs that will make you successful at losing weight and keeping it off. And whatever you do, don’t give up !!

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