#1 Extremely Bored with No Potential Growth

Staying on a job that utilizes very little of your skills or ability and is essentially, just a paycheck, is known as a Dead-End Job.  Most of these types of jobs have very little chances to grow or move up in the company.  

The job tends to be extremely repetitive and usually is an insult to your natural abilities. Keep in mind, we all need a paycheck and maybe the job is just a paycheck until you find a better job. 

Then that’s Ok. But when you don’t have a current resume and you’re not looking for a better job, then you need to self-examine why you are still at a job that you obviously hate. Weigh the pros versus the cons.  If the cons outweigh the pros by a lot, it’s time to GO!

#2 Supervisor is a Jerk

Working for a supervisor that obviously doesn’t like you is very demotivational. Sometimes a bad supervisor is just a blimp on the radar, and they soon move on. Don’t throw in the towel because your supervisor is a jerk. Give it time, and that person may move on. 

Also, examine yourself to make sure their dislike of you has nothing to do with your job performance. If you determine that the problem isn’t coming from your work performance, this is a sign that it may be time to look for another job.

You always can go over your supervisor’s head to his boss and address your supervisor’s behavior to his superior, but beware of doing that. Once your jerk supervisor discovers you went over his head, there will be retaliation directed solely at you.  It’s time to Move on, to Another Job.

#3 You Don’t Like Most of Your Co-Workers

Having disdain for most of your co-workers is not a healthy environment to work in. Again, do self-examination, to make sure it’s not something you’re doing to your co-workers. If your conscience clears you, your work situation most likely will not get any better. Unhealthy work environments involve lots of backstabbing and gossip. This type of work environment tends to foster disrespect and hateful speech. If this is your work environment, it’s Time to Move On. Get that resume updated and go on Indeed dot com to look for a new and better job.

#4 Despite Managing Your Bills, You Still have Money Shortfall

Ultimately, we work so that we can maintain a certain level of lifestyle and that means, paying our bills. Unless you are working at an entry level job with the chances of moving to a better job, your job should give you the financial resources to pay your bills, at least to a basic level. 

Review your expenses and determine the minimum amount per month you need to live. Your job should at least generate enough money to meet those financial demands. If not, either bargain for higher pay or look for a new job.

Review your expenses and determine the minimum amount per month you need to live. Your job should at least generate enough money to meet those financial demands. If not, either bargain for higher pay or look for a new job.

It’s no fun working at a job that can’t meet your basic financial needs, especially if this is a career job. Keep in mind, entry level jobs and first-time jobs don’t qualify. You need to obtain work and experiences and skills to obtain the type of job that will meet your financial needs.

#5 Your Job Leaves You Emotionally or Physically Exhausted

There’s nothing worse than coming home every day to your family emotionally or physically wiped out from your job. There will be days when the job wipes us out, but this should not be a daily event for months on end. There will be times when a big project completion will exhaust you and your co-workers as a team, but there should be light at the end of the tunnel. 

Also, jobs that are physically demanding may leave you wiped out at the end of the day with very little energy to do anything else once you get home.  Many laborer jobs are like this.  Construction work is an example. If you love your job and feel much satisfaction from it, then feeling exhausted at the end of the day is just a by-product of a job you enjoy. In that case, No Problem. But if you hate your job and feel exhausted from too much work, then chances are, you will either burn out or eventually find another job in the very near future.

#6 You Hate Going to Work to the Point of Depression

This is a major sign that it’s time to find another job. If you work weekdays and hate Sunday, because it means going to work on Monday, it’s time to find another job.  Staying in a job you hate, leads to depression. It’s not fair to your family to constantly be depressed because of your job. We live in a technical environment where we can easily find new employment opportunities. Gone are the old days when you were stuck. So go to those job boards like Indeed dot com and find new opportunities.

#7 Other Job Opportunities Come Your Way

When other job opportunities come your way whether intentional or not, it may be a sign that it’s time to move on to a new job. Evaluate your present job and if moving to a new job is worth it. Remember, your present job may be a much better place to work, and money is not everything. Some jobs may pay better, but you may hate the work environment. With that said, always evaluate future job opportunities and determine if it’s time to leave your present job. 

Go on internet job boards to see what opportunities are available. Even if you have no plans to move, know what jobs are available to you. Know your worth and if your present job is paying you market wages for your experience, job title and skills.

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