God has a plan for you that will fulfill your life but most people will not live out the incredible plan that God has.  That’s because to accomplish his plans, you have to be about your father’s business. In other words, you have to understand and be willing to execute in faith, the mission that God has given you. Whatever the plan that God has for you, it is an individual mission that he has set for you that incorporates your unique abilities. The mission may be hard but God gives us the resources and his promise is that he will never leave us or forsake us. 

Deuteronomy 31:8  "says "The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged"

So, God will empower you and sustain you to live a powerful and fulfilling life. If you feel board with life, then you need to check in with God to see what he really has in store for you because the one thing that I can guarantee, God’s mission is not boring.  Hear me out,  If you’re bored with life or bored with your job then God has something better for you.  Also keep in mind that routine is good ! 

Our Job May be Routine, but that Routine Maintains Order 

Our job may be routine, but that routine maintains order so that we can be efficient and do good work whatever our daily job entails. However, if you are extremely bored with your job and it’s not enough just to go to work, enjoy your job for what it is, and be thankful that it provides income to pay your bills, then you are in the wrong job and God has something better for you.  That’s right, if you feel stuck in a monotonous job or work situation, God has something better for you.

The problem is with us not God. To get out of your bored situation demands constant prayer and trust in God. If you come to God and ask him;  Your will be done, what is it that you want me to do?    God will answer you in time and the mission he gives you will not be boring. The problem is, that it requires constant communication with God, trust and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone.

Most Christians, let alone non-believers, don’t possess these qualities, which is why God can only use a small percentage of Christians instead of the vast majority. Most people just want to come home from their boring job and watch tv or play video games. Many Christians don’t want to attend church regularly or attend regular bible study. Most Christians will not get involved in uplifting Men’s or Women’s Ministry whether sponsored at their local church or join other ministries at other locations.

The bible states in Matthews 9: 37 that the harvest is plenty but the workers  are few!

Matthews 9: 37 Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

To become God’s vessel and get out of a routine life, you have to be willing to be obedient and disciplined. By being obedient, you are in constant communication with God and listening to his still voice giving you directions. When you’re obedient to God, you are reading scripture daily and listening to God’s voice. When you are obedient, you are quiet and listening to what God has in store for you. When you are obedient, you have a good pastor and church family that you can lean on for encouragement and guidance, particularly when things don’t make sense.

God’s Mission Does Not Happen Overnight

God’s mission does not happen overnight. If you are obedient and listening to his voice, he will tell you what he wants you to do. I’ve seen so many people fall into Ministries that they love only because their spouse was constantly begging them to give the ministry a try. Once tried, they discovered they have been missing out for most of their Christian lives. These people go on to become champions of the faith with a true mission. They are literally transformed from church pew sitter to active and engaged Christians, involved in multiple areas of servanthood from prison ministry to homeless ministries as well as multiple servanthood duties in their church.  All from attending one weekend ministry retreat weekend.

The other problem many Christians’ face, outside regular communication with our Lord, is just plain laziness. This is the biggest problem for most Christians. Most people would just rather come home and waste valuable time watching TV than attending bible study or reading uplifting Christian books. Most Christians would rather not be involved with anything other than their family which leads to self- centeredness and makes it impossible to fulfill God’s mission if you have no desire to help anyone outside your own family.

Throw in fact that we rather come home and watch TV, get on the internet, do Facebook or Twitter and in the end;  You will never discover or fulfill God’s real mission for you. Despite what you hear from pastor and famous Christian leaders, that God has a plan for you; and he does, but the reality is; Most people, particularly Christians who are called to do God’s mission; are just too lazy to step out of their comfort zone.

Too lazy to earnestly seek what God would have them to do and pursue it.

Too lazy to invest time in Christian Outreach Ministries.

Too lazy to volunteer to serve in their local church.

Too lazy to even attend church on a regular basis.

Too lazy to attend church bible study even at a different church.

Too lazy to invest 15 minutes a day when waking for prayer, thanksgiving and scripture reading.

Too lazy and too scared to ask God; WHAT is it THAT YOU WOULD HAVE ME to do, to fulfill your mission?

I guarantee the answer WILL NOT BE A BORED LIFE. God gives us all unique gifts and those gifts are intended to help fulfill his mission. Some people are good at encouraging, other good at hospitality, others are good speakers and communicator and yet others are gifted administrators and craftsmen.

Whatever God gifted you for; It’s our duty as Christian to find outlet for those gifts. FEAR NOT BECAUSE CHRIST is with us. He’s there to help us discover our gifts. He’s there to help us develop and use our gifts. To make this all happen, we must be willing to give him our life.

Matthew 25:16  For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

You gain your life with the incredible satisfaction that you are carrying out God’s mission. That life is no longer boring. That you are helping others. That you are giving to this world instead of taking. In other words, you are fulfilling in your life, what God CREATED YOU to do.

If You’re Bored with Life; God has a Better Plan for You

So, if you are totally bored with life; God has a better plan!  Will it happen overnight? Of course not. God demands patience and endurance, but it is our duty to inquire what he wants us to do. Slowly as God unfolds his will and his mission to you which may take years;  you will develop and hone your God given skills for his unique mission.

Want to do God’s will? 

Ask yourself, what are your natural talents? Are you a good administrator?  Good organizer? Gifted musician? Gifted Writer or Speaker. Good at hospitality? Good tradesman? Good at teaching others? Good at making websites? Good entrepreneur?

Good at parenting? There are so many people who need your wisdom as a good parent! Whatever your gift, god has a purpose and channel to use it and it doesn’t necessarily have to be church related. You can be a huge service to Christ in the community you live in, serving him as a good neighbor or a community watchdog. Always being a good example for others so that many will be drawn to Christ by your good examples. 

On the other end of the spectrum, if you feel bored with life or very bored with your job, chances are good that God would rather you go down a different path, BUT YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO TRUST HIM AND ALLOW HIM TO LEAD YOU DOWN THAT NEW PATH. It happens by communicating with God, asking him what he wants you to do and believing he will answer and direct you. It happens by spending your limited time wisely in the things he would have you to do whether it is developing a new skill like learning a foreign language or strengthening a skill you already have like public speaking; you must get off the chair and use your time wisely for development and to do God’s will.

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