Hi, my name is Dan Burley and I am the author of eWisdomLiving.com   We live in a world of information overload and digesting that information can be overwhelming.  The problem with too much information is that much of it has nothing to do with improving our lives.  I created this website to address important life issues. I concentrated on several life issues that most people struggle with such as:  Weight Loss, Health, and Emotional Wellness.  I also discuss fun topics like Travel and Relationships.

Because I’m a Christian involved in prison ministry, I also want to address issues that many of us Christian deal with in our daily life. So, I added a section called Christian Living where I address problems that Christian face just trying to live out our faith day to day.

My credentials are below and I love talking to audience about prison ministry and all the incredible journey of incarcerated men who want to change their lives and strive to live a Christ Centered life in the midst of prison. 

I’m also on the board of a 501.c3 non profit organization that helps post incarcerated individuals re-enter society and NOT go back to prison given the rate of returning to prison is 70% within 5 years. I have a strong technical background as an Aerospace Engineer, Flight Instructor and Contract Corporate Pilot but my greatest achievement is working in prison ministry where I volunteer on multiple prison ministry teams that serve both federal and state prisons in California. I’ve been involved in this ministry for 15 years and have witness incredible lives turn from a life of crime to a follower of Jesus. Many of these guys have been released from prison to live a successful and Christ Centered life.

The 15 years in prison ministry plus part time work for a drug and alcohol recovery community has taught me a lot about battling various addictions and giving people a second chance. We all are broken in some ways and some people are more broken than others. However, Christ is the Lord of repetitive chances. He doesn’t give up on us like people do. 

If you would like to contact me, use the contact form.  I speak to many groups about restoration and second chances and all the wonderful lives I personally have witnessed change in the prison.


  • B.S.  Aerospace Engineering – California State Polytechnic University at Pomona, California  1982
  • Flight Instructor Certificates (CFI, CFII, MEI)  1989
  • Airline Transport Pilot License (ATP)  1997


14 Years – Department of Air Force, (Civilian Project Engineer)
 Air Force Space and Missile Center, Los Angeles Air Force Base

  • Project Manager in Program Office for Brilliant Pebbles and Space Based Interceptor
  • Integrated Product Team (IPT) Project Manager for Air Force Missile Warning
  • Project Manager for Emerging Air Force Space Weapons Development and Planning
  • Senior Engineer at Contractor Facilities – Customer Office (Northrop and Rocketdyne)

12 Years – Senior Engineer at Government Customer Facilities (Boeing)
 Department of Defense (DOD) – Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)

20 Years – Freelance Flight Instructor (Long Beach, Hawthorne, Torrance Area)

2 Years – Contract Pilot (Small Business Jets)


15 Years Kairos Prison Ministry Team at the following California Prisons:

  • California City State Prison
  • Terminal Island Federal Prison
  • Salinas Valley State Prison
  • Lompoc Federal Prison
  • Tehachapi State Prison

2 Years Advisory Council Chairman – Kairos California City Prison Chapter

2 Years Advisory Council Secretary – Kairos Salinas Valley State Prison Chapter

3 Years Board of Director of Men in Transition (501c.3 Reentry Nonprofit) – Jurupa Valley, Ca

Attend Calvary Chapel at Phelan, CA